August 2018 Newsletter


Time: 6:30 PM Social 7:00 PM Meeting
Date: 16 Aug 2018, Thursday
Where: Collin County GOP Headquarters
2963 W 15th St Suite #2981 Plano, TX 75075.


cal_jilson Why is there such a big push for the support of a Constitutional Convention?  The Texas House adopted a resolution calling for a convention of states to amend the U. S. Constitution—one of Gov. Greg Abbotts proposals.


Our outstanding speaker SMU Prof. of Political Science, Cal Jillson, will address this political issue.  Prof Jillson is one of the nation’s foremost political experts.  He has provided journalist political insight on U.S. and Texas politics.  He is the author of the book, “Lone Star Tarnished” and a former member of The Council on Foreign Relations.Prof. Jillson will expand upon the underlying reasons for a constitutional convention and identify the risks involved in the call for an Article V Convention of States.  This is an educational presentation that provides the necessary answers thus enabling you to make a decision on the merits or risks of Gov. Abbott’s proposal.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, August 16.  Remember, our meeting is open to the public, guests are welcome. Meet and greet begins at 6:30 pm, light refreshments will be served.


duncan_web Since Duncan Webb has been in office—
Commissioner Duncan Webb will share accomplishments.Collin County’s tax rate has continued to drop
Collin County’s services have continued to expand and improve
Collin County has implemented innovative technology and management practicesAs a result, our citizens of Collin County are pleased with Commissioner Webb’s leadership as Commissioner Precinct 4.


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