CCRMC August Meeting
By Dalayr Hight on 2016-08-13

Time: 6:30 PM Social 7:00 PM Meeting
Date: 18 August 2016, Thursday
Where: Collin County G, TX 75070.

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8416 Stacy Rd.McKinneyIN THIS ISSUE:
Don't miss this great speaker! SPEAKER TOPIC--Understanding the Enemy: A Long Term Strategy for Undermining Terrorismgop_news
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"Understanding the Enemy: A Long Term Strategy for Undermining Terrorism

Terrorism is a special form of violence. It differs in important ways from other forms of violence, brutality, and criminality. Whatever ideology drives them, understanding the nature of this difference more clearly will allow us to develop more effective strategies to undercut the ability of terrorist groups to recruit operatives as well as to dry up their access to the financial resources they need to survive.

SPEAKER: LLOYD "Jeff" DUMAS -- Professor of Political Economy, Economics and Public Policy at the University of Texas at Dallas. Trained both as economist and engineer, Dumas published eight books and more than 120 articles in 11 languages in books and journals of 7 disciplines, as well as in such newspapers as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and International Herald Tribune. His most recent books include: The Peacekeeping Economy: Using Economic Relationships to Build a More Peaceful, Prosperous, and Secure World (Yale, 2011); The Technology Trap: Where Human Error and Malevolence Meet Powerful Technologies, and Confronting Corruption, Building Accountability, both published in 2010. Dumas has been quoted as an authority in Time, Business Week, Financial Times, and Barron’s, among many others, and discussed policy implications of his work on more than 300 TV and radio programs in the U.S., former Soviet Union, Russia, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific.
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