CCRMC November Meeting ***ELECTIONS
By Jim Bortzfield on 2015-11-05

The CCRMC invites you to our November Meeting

Time: 6:30 PM Social 7:00 PM Meeting
Date: 19 Nov  2015, Thursday
Where: Collin County GOP headquarters
8416 Stacy Rd.McKinney, TX 75070.


  • Election of Board and Officers
  • Speaker and Meeting--Dr. Richard Scotch, ObamaCare:  Repeal, Replace, Repair?
  • Election Results from November
  • Prizes Prizes

 ELECTION OF OFFICERS, Thursday Nov 19th


  • Election of 2016 Board of Directors
  • Election of 2016 Board of Officers
  • Permanent Vote on Bylaws Temporarily Passed at the June Meeting to be confirmed with proper notice and make them permanent.  Link to Bylaws


Nominations can be made from the floor for any position or the slate may be adopted in total.

President Dalayr Hight
President Elect Joe Cordina
VP Programs Richard Dodson
   Asst VP Programs      John Myers
   Asst VP Programs      Jim Skinner
Treasurer Tim McCord
VP Membership Ravi Jain
   Asst VP Membership      Chris O'Reilly
   Asst VP Membership      Jimmy Angelino
VP Publicity / Secretary Wendell Brock
VP Communications Jim Bortzfield
   Asst VP Communications      Chris O'Reilly
   Asst VP Communications      Mark Haeer
Sgt At Arms John Kreideweis
   Asst Sgt at Arms      Mike Yarbrough
VP of Clubs Liason Gene Sera
Past President / Outreach Jason Poe
Roger Bolin Past President
Jim Bortzfield Past President
Richard Dodson At Large
Marc Friedand Past President
Dalayr Hight Current President
Tim McCord Past President
Mark Rutledge Past President

TOPIC:  ObamaCare: Repeal, Replace, Repair?

Speaker:  Dr. Richard Scotch

As we enter the third enrollment season for the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, of 2010, the short-term impact of ObamaCare has become more clear, but its long-term prospects remain uncertain. The most alarming predictions made by critics have not come to pass. About 10 million people have enrolled in insurance through the Health Care Exchanges and millions more have been added to Medicaid in many states, but serious concerns about the rising cost of insurance and the consequences of government regulation continue.  I will review evidence on the impact of the Act since 2010, and discuss its likely future in the context of the 2016 election and continuing trends in the U.S. health care system and the American economy.

Richard K. Scotch is Professor of Sociology, Public Policy, and Political Economy at the University of Texas at Dallas, where he coordinates the programs in Sociology and Evaluation Research. Dr. Scotch received his B.A. with honors from the University of Chicago and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in sociology from Harvard University. Prior to joining the UTD faculty in 1983, Dr. Scotch served as an analyst for the Virginia Division for Children and the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, and as a AAAS Congressional Science Fellow.

Dr. Scotch is the author of two books and numerous articles and monographs on social policy reform and social movements in disability, health care, education, and human services. His current research interests include the long-term impact of early childhood education, the political economy of local health and human service delivery systems; the comparative study of state Medicaid policies; and community-based approaches to addressing indigent health care and health disparities.

Dr. Scotch is past president of the Society for Disability Studies, was named a 1999 Switzer Fellow by the National Rehabilitation Association, and served on the Advisory Committee on Disability Studies in the Twenty-First Century of the National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research. He has been active in the local health and human service community in North Texas since the mid-1980s, working with numerous local government and nonprofit agencies, including Collin and Dallas Counties, the Dallas Healthy Start Initiative, the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Mental Health America, Family Gateway, and Educational First Steps.


Statewide election turnout for November 3 proposition election was 11%.  About 430,000 more Texans voted in this election than in the 2013 constitutional election. In fact, this was the largest turnout since 2005 for the odd year election.  All seven propositions passed.

Officials saw an increase in voting in all of the state's 15 largest counties, with Harris County – which had a mayoral race and nondiscrimination ordinance to decide – at the top.  Larger rural turnout was attributed to Proposition 7.  

Of the 489,000 registered voters in Collin County, 54,000 voted matching the state average of 11%.  

Turnout by county

Election Turnout 11/3/2015

Voter turnout in Texas.PNG

The large turnout in 1991 was credited due to Proposition 11, which authorized the lottery (passed by 65% if the voters) .

The large turnout in 2005 was credited due to Proposition 2 providing which provides marriage is the union of one man and one woman and was passed by 76% of the voters. On June 15, 2015, this was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Also on the Agenda

Prizes Prizes Prizes

The CCRMC Continues the Monthly drawings for fantastic door prizes.


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