CCRMC Executive Meeting Minutes 2nd Qtr Meeting Via ZOOM

CCRMC April ZOOM Board Meeting Report for General Membership

2nd Qtr. Meeting, Via Zoom



8:05pm Meeting called to order by Ravi Jain

Other attendees: John Meyers, David Niederkorn, Dalayr Hight, Eric Noack, Jim Bortzfield and Mark Rutledge.

Ravi reminded everyone that at the last board meeting questions were raised about making

a motion and voting on it.


- It was discussed that there are two type of topics; procedural and policy matters. It

was decided that there is no need to take votes on procedural matters.


- Ravi asked for help in reminding him if we miss taking votes on relevant topics.


- Financial matters should also be decided on by such votes


July 4th Parade report by Ravi

Meeting discussed the theme of CCRMC’s float. It was decided that we cannot decide about

float design as theme of the parade is decided by Plano Early Lions club, which has not

happened so far. Since the meeting Ravi found out that this year’s parade theme is

“Honoring the Front Line Workers.”


Patriot Golf Signup (9/11/2020 is still the date) report by Ravi

We now have 35-36 people signed-up; but, need a minimum of 70! Time to start hustling!

$150/entry with an expected cost of $55-60.00, with the balance going to Republican Party


On-Line Signup by New Members by Ravi

The “issue” is that new members are not entering minimum information to create member

on-line. As a result we are losing touch with them.


Discussions included that we need to streamline our process to collect more data! Otherwise

we are losing members. However, it is OK to encourage existing members to pay on-line?


Dalayr brought-up that Jim is Key to this process; however, the sign-up is not actually on our

site, but on PayPal’s. Therefore, not confident that we have any control over what information

is gathered. Dalayr offered to dialog with Jim, Ravi and himself the following weekend.


Young Republicans (CCRMC Ancillary group) report by Ravi


Many have suggested attention to this may be an important position for our club to be involved

with?! Hayden Pagent’s name was brought-up as a contact who’s very involved at the state

and local level. Ravi to follow up with Hayden.


RPT Convention and District Convention Status: Report by John Meyers


Republican State Conventions, moved from March 2020:


Senate District 8      Saturday 6/13 Collin College Plano Conference Center    Reg at 8:00


Senate District 30    Saturday 6/13 Collin College McKinney Conf. Ctr.          Beg at 1:00


State GOP                Thur-Sat 7/16-18 (see State Party’s website for more info)


John reminded that all board members should attend as delegates! Special Rates at the Four

Seasons, and possibly others. See at bottom of website for more info. Don’t wait! Rooms will

fill-up fast at these rates!!


Club Meeting in May still on? Presented by Ravi.


Discussions concluded that it’s not practical to plan at this time…

CCRMC May Meeting on Zoom? Everyone agreed that Zoom won’t be practical either for 20+

people meeting.


May Speaker Meeting report by David


Sherriff Skinner scheduled on 6/18/20 at this time


Collection of Pledges from Feb. 20th Meeting.


Tim McCord to update us at next meeting.


Ravi reported that Video Taping of meeting has been suspended for now. However, he

informed that we will still be paying to videotaping of any special meeting(s).


There was no new items and all discussion was ended


At 8:40 Ravi closed the meeting without objection




Stephen Howell

CCRMC Secretary, etc…

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