November Meeting

Time: 6:30 PM Social 7:00 PM Meeting
Date: 16 November\ 2017, Thursday
Where: Collin County GOP headquarters
2963 W 15th St
Suite #2981
Plano, TX 75075.

Our speaker for our November Meeting will be Professor Nick Morgan
Nick is a political science professor at Collin College.
His topic is “The Texas Legislature and Local Governments – A True Love-Hate Relationship.”

Nick Morgan

Note: In lieu of a standard bio for our speaker this month we have opted to include some of the withe ups he has received form his students.
write up's taken from the Rate my web sight

1) Professor Morgan is one of the best professors I've ever had. I loved his class so much I'll be taking him for GOVT2306, and I'm disappointed I have to take it online, because his lectures are incredible. He really cares about his students. If you have the chance to take him, don't pass it up!

2) Was a really cool guy, hes hilarious in class. If you sit close to the front hell keep you up during the lecture. Ive never fallen asleep in his class except for dead week. This class kept me engaged and he actually cares about all his students. Best professor ive ever had

3) Uses humor to teach. Enjoyed the course even though I am a computer science major. He was very funny and offers lots of extra credit opportunities. Participation is HUGE. Go to class. I found it very easy to get an A. Did not use the text book once.

4) Professor Morgan is an amazing professor. I'm definitely looking forward to taking again for GOVT 2306. His classes fill up fast though! I actually enjoyed going to his class, didn't even mind waking up early. If you miss more than 2 days, points will be counted off. There are many very easy extra credit opportunities. You won't regret taking him

5) Professor Morgan is an outstanding professor. He keeps the class engaged and I highly recommend him to anyone. Easy way to boost up your GPA. Simply show up and you pass. He has seven test and all are online except for the final.

6) Absolutely LOVE professor Morgan! His lectures are not only informative, but also very interesting & captivating! You can tell he is really passionate about what he's talking about, which makes the class so much more bearable because he's not disinterested and reading off of a powerpoint. Super hilarious, will DEFINITELY be taking him for 2306!!

If this guy is half as good as his students say this should be a GREAT meeting.

We will also be having officer elections this meeting if you are looking for a place to serve this is your chance.

Final Note: Please note the new meeting location above.
It is looking like we will be the first club meeting at the new GOP HQ location.
However:Since this IS the first meeting there is the potential for a hiccup and a last minute venue change.
Please stand by your email in-box for any last minute location changes.

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