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December 2019 Newsletter

By Richard Dodson Posted in Hot News, Meetings on 2018-12-09



   Where men and women---

Join together…

Learn together…

Work together…

For the Collin County Republican Party.


Our Thursday December 20TH meeting -----“Magic Mayor” Eric Hogue will present an evening of illusions and unbelievable acts of Magic---to be enjoyed by members and guests.Everyone is invited.Members, bring your wife, bring a friend, and bring a neighbor.This presentation sets the stage for 2019.THE MAGIC CONTINUES!For Collin County Republican Men’s Club.


It is our honor to have Former State Representative Jerry Madden to install CCRMC officers for 2019.First elected to the Texas State Legislature in 1992, Rep. Madden served Collin County on various committee appointments including Public Education, Public School Finance, Urban Affairs, Public Safety, Rules and Regulations, State, Federal and International Relations and Criminal Justice System Reform.Rep. Madden’s exemplary service was over two decades.

Review the slate of officers and respected positions for which they will be installed.

President—Richard Dodson

President Elect—Ravi Jain

Vice President Programs—John Myers, Bret Walsh and David Niederkorn

Vice President Membership—Weldon Block and Joe Valent

Vice President Newsletter/Communications—Taylor Rogers and Eric Novak

Secretary—Sam Banerjee, Assistant Randell Johnson

Treasurer—Tim McCord

Web Master—Dalayr Hight and Eric Noack

Club Liaison—Jim Bortzfield

Sergeant-at-Arms—Mike Yarbrough, Steve Howell and Chris O’Reilly

Plan to attend the CCRMC meeting, the Traditional Republican Men’s Club

Where men and women---

Join together

Learn together

Work together

For the Collin County Republican Party.


With all the activities surrounding the Holidays, special gathering of friends, exchanging of gifts, let’s remember the most important theme, LET’S KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS!

Meet and greet begins at 6:30pm and meeting beginning at 7:00pm.Light refreshments will be served.

Richard Dodson, CCRMC President





By Richard Dodson Posted in Hot News on 2018-10-06

2018 Collin County Bond Program

Is traffic congestion a major concern for YOU?

Does it take you more than 30 minutes to commute to work?

Is your dinner cold by the time you get home because of delays caused by traffic congestion?



Collin County voters can assist solving this problem by approving the Bond program this November 6th:

1.       600 million for high-speed roadways

2.       140 million for arterial roadways

3.       10 million for open space and parks projects

Collin County Bond Committee Co-Chair Paul Wageman will present for the voters’ consideration the merits of the Bond Program.  When you attend this meeting you will be able to share important details with your neighbors and friends.  It is imperative that this Bond program be approved by voters.

Mark your calendar for Thursday October 18.  Meeting will be held at Collin County GOP, 2963 W. 15th ST, Plano TX.  Meet and greet at 6:30 pm with meeting to begin at 7:00pm.  Light refreshments will be served.

Richard Dodson, CCRMC President





State Senator Van Taylor will seek Congressional District 3 this November.  In 2010 Van Taylor began his public service as Representative in the Texas House District 66 where he was labeled as a “Good Thinker”.  In 2014 Van Taylor was elected as State Senator District 8 where he was recognized for his “Sound Judgement”.  In fact he was known as a “Self-Reliant” individual, an attribute Texans admire. In 2018 Sen. Taylor announced he will run for the U.S. House of Representatives for Congressional District 3 where he will exemplify these principles…Good Thinker, Sound Judgement and Self-Reliant in our Representative Republic.


As our Congressman Sen. Van Taylor will communicate the issues of his constituents, “their opinions, and their concerns”.   Sen. Van Taylor will outline his call to duty as U.S. Congressman of the Congressional District 3.

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Sid Miller Event

By admin Posted in Hot News on 2018-10-01


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September CCRMC Newsletter

By Richard Dodson Posted in Hot News on 2018-09-11

PRESS RELEASE:  Unfiltered report on the Texas/Mexico border

Department of Public Safety joins with local law enforcement

Our September speaker, Regional Director of Public Safety, Jeoffry Williams will identify and outline the Department of Public Safety’s enforcement policy.  DPS joins local law enforcement taking custody of individuals who present a danger to our Texas citizens. 

The DPS and local law enforcement provides a joint team effort with the Border Patrol and Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) to control illegal immigrants.  Further, Director Williams will discuss the department’s needs for adequate resources of man power and equipment required for their mission.  He will also identify their role concerning humanitarian concerns including diseases, and daily care associated with the deportation procedures.  Lastly, he will review the issue regarding the construction of THE WALL.

Mark your calendar for Thursday September 20 to attend this educational event.  Meet and greet at 6:30pm with meeting beginning at 7:00pm. Light refreshments will be served.

Richard Dodson, CCRMC President




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Collin County, District Clerk, Lynne Finley, will outline the services of her department.  Mrs. Finley was elected in 2016 and is seeking re-election in November 2018. 

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Collin County, County Clerk, Stacey Kemp, will outline her department services from birth certificates, marriage certificates to death certificates.  Mrs. Kemp’s department has been awarded the 5 Star Award and Exemplary Award 10 years running.  She is seeking re-election in November 2018

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August Meeting Videos

By Richard Dodson Posted in Hot News on 2018-08-28

Below are the videos of our August meeting.  Enjoy!

Richard Dodson, CCRMC President

1.       Presentation of the scholarship



2.       Commissioner’s comments



3.       Main speaker’s comments, including questions and answers.

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By Richard Dodson Posted in Hot News, Meeting Review on 2018-08-19


A young McKinney High School Graduate was the recipient of a CCRMC Scholarship to attend Collin College for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters.  Judge John Payton related her exceptional talents and financial need for tuition, books and supplies.  CCRMC received contributions totaling 00 for her benefit.

CCRMC is honored to present this scholarship to Miss Taleah Tedrow and look forward to her academic success.

Richard Dodson, CCRMC President

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Newsletter article

By Richard Dodson Posted in Hot News on 2018-08-19



CCRMC continued our educational mission this past Thursday evening which identified facts from fiction concerning the Convention of States provision Article V to amend the U.S. Constitution.

Prof. Cal Jillson, SMU Professor of Political Science, provided an authoritative presentation (which can be viewed on CCRMC Facebook and His political insight noted that history did not record Conventions of States provision as a beneficial strategy.  Second, Gov. Abbott’s 9 point proposal reflects a political philosophy rather than a political objective.  Now, “you know the rest of the story”.

Mark your calendar for our next monthly meeting Thursday, September 20. With your attendance we are able to break another record (registration reflected 95 attendees).  Yes, ladies are invited.  In fact, they may become an Associate Member.


Richard Dodson, CCRMC President

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By Richard Dodson Posted in Hot News, News Letter Archives on 2018-08-02

Why is there such a big push for the support of a Constitutional Convention?  The Texas House adopted a resolution calling for a convention of states to amend the U. S. Constitution—one of Gov. Greg Abbotts proposals.

Our outstanding speaker SMU Prof. of Political Science, Cal Jillson, will address this political issue.  Prof Jillson is one of the nation’s foremost political experts.  He has provided journalist political insight on U.S. and Texas politics.  He is author of the book, “Lone Star Tarnished” and a former member of The Council on Foreign Relations. 

Prof. Jillson will expand upon the underlying reasons for a constitutional convention and identify the risks involved in the call for an Article V Convention of States.  This is an educational presentation that provides the necessary answers thus enabling you to make a decision on the merits or risks of Gov. Abbott’s proposal.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, August 16.  Remember, our meeting is open to the public, guests are welcome. Meet and greet begins at 6:30 pm, light refreshments will be served.



Commissioner Duncan Webb will share accomplishments.

Since Duncan Webb has been in office—

Collin County’s tax rate has continued to drop

Collin County’s services have continued to expand and improve

Collin County has implemented innovative technology and management practices


As a result, our citizens of Collin County are pleased with Commissioner Webb’s leadership as Commissioner Precinct 4.

Richard Dodson, President



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July Newsletter

By admin Posted in Hot News on 2018-07-11


I wish to share some observations and thoughts concerning members of CCRMC.  When I inquired as to WHY they have become a member of CCRMC and WHAT they said about our monthly meetings I received several interesting replies.

1.       I accept the CCRMC label TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS.  Our Collin County community politically has been divided with the ultra conservatives on one side and ALL OTHERS on the opposite.  I believe in the TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN platform as stated on our website ( can unite our different groups.  I personally will assist in this endeavor. (JB)


2.       I recently moved from the Cornbelt.  My wife and I were greatly involved in our state Republican affairs.  We believe we need to keep involved and learn the issues and get acquainted with our political leaders in Collin County and Texas. One of our neighbors referred us to you.  We have enjoyed the CCRMC meetings and readily accept the TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN program. (BW)


3.       I found you on Facebook which led me to the website  I paid my membership dues… was easy on PayPal.  I want to learn about the concerns of the Republican Party, i.e., taxes, education, roads/highways, population growth…all these issues.  I hope CCRMC will provide that needed education.  Also, I hope to meet our elected officials to get to really know them. (JL)


4.       I was an active member when Headquarters was moved to McKinney/Frisco.  Since you moved back to Plano, I have attended the monthly meetings…. I have especially found your speaker/programs exceptional.  This last month’s speaker, the Military leader was very enlightening about the Middle East.  I want to be part of CCRMC to build our Republican Party.  Also, I have discovered the website (PH)

As indicated by the above responses, members are finding the CCRMC a valuable organization which to get involved and support our Republican Party. 

Again, let me offer a CHALLEGE. As a member attending our monthly meetings… bring a friend, invite your neighbor, and bring your wife.  Our meetings are public meetings.  ANYONE may attend.  We meet the third Thursday evening each month….Get involved in the TRADITIONAL CONSERVATVE REPUBLICAN future… JOIN THE MAGIC!

Richard Dodson, CCRMC President

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July 4th Parade

By admin Posted in Hot News on 2018-06-11



For nearly 20 years the CCRMC has participated in the City of Plano’s 4th of July Parade with the primary function of distributing US Flags along the parade route for all the spectators to wave.  In fact, historically we have handed out as many as 20,000 flags along Independence Pkwy.

This year’s theme THE SPIRIT OF PLANO as identified by the Lion’s Club who sponsors this event.  The CCRMC float will symbolize that parade them, THE SPIRIT OF PLANO. 

OUR BIG CHALLENGE… we need walkers, we need walkers, we need walkers, children and adults of all ages.  As in the past, we can never have too many walkers to distribute flags. 

Second, need volunteers to decorate our float.  Plan to gather at GOP Headquarters July 3 to assist. 


4th of July Parade (Wednesday) 2018


1.      Chairman—Brett Walsh—

a.      Richard Dodson, Assistant—214-215-3838—


2.      Lions Club—Theme, Plano, The All-American City

b.      Mike Rogers—817-312-3324—fhmike@mikerogersinc.ocm


3.      Registration/Application/Fee

a.      Tim McCord—972-442-4643—


4.      Float—Truck and trailer and driver

a.      Taylor Rogers—214-450-0321—


5.      Volunteers/Walkers, Members

a.      John Payton—469-964-8881—


6.      Decorations/Bunting/Flags/Banners

a.      Bret Walsh—972-655-6340—


7.      Parade Flags (10,000)

a.      Bret Walsh—972-655-6340—

b.      Richard Dodson 214-215-3838


8.      Bottled Water/Donuts

a.      Neal Katz—214-803-1847—


9.      Theme—Plano, All American City

a.      Past Mayors??

b.      “Village People”—Various professional/Workers


10.   Clean-up


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