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Become a Precinct Chair
By admin Posted in Hot News on 2018-04-12


As a Grassroots leader, a Precinct Chair plays an important role for the Collin County Republican Party.  Your primary responsibility as a Precinct Chair is to get as many Republican voters in your precinct to vote by:

1.      Identifying Voters

2.      Organizing Voters

3.      Informing Voters

4.      Turning out Voters.

As a Precinct Chair your leadership role is acknowledged as a vital role in the success of our Republican Party.  So, who is eligible?

1.      Be a resident of your precinct

2.      Be a qualified voter of Collin County

3.      Must have voted in the Republican Primary election.

To become a Precinct Chair you register as a candidate in the Primary election or you fill a vacancy by appointment of the Executive Committee. 

If you like to meet a lot of people, become acquainted with the political issues and provide an opportunity for other voters to become involved then you possess the talent required.  For any questions, feel free to contact me to explore your participation as a Precinct Chair.


Richard Dodson, President


Why are you a Traditional Conservative Republican
By Richard Dodson Posted in Hot News, Meetings on 2018-03-24


Why are you a Traditional Conservative Republican?

Since January 2018 we have been publicizing our CCRMC as traditional conservative political club. This identity has been reflected in our membership and programs. We have had several inquiries identifying what are our fundamental values. Those listed are not inclusive but represent a general listing.


·        We affirm that all are created equal, endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights of      life,     liberty,  and the pursuit of happiness

·        We believe in religious liberty as the first freedom to be protected as the right of people to practice their faith.

·        We acknowledge the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right to protect one’s life and property

·        We believe our culture is based upon traditional marriage and the sanctity of innocent human life.

·        We believe government derives its power from the people that we are a Representative Republic.

·        We believe our society emphasizes self-reliance and individualism for a more prosperous economy.

·        We support a public education system available to all citizens of our country.

·        We believe in a strong military that defends our borders and protect our liberty.

·        We respect our Judeo-Christian heritage--understanding change and reform are not identical.

·        We support policies of limited taxation and government spending.

·        We acknowledge personal freedom and property ownership are inseparable and are to be protected equally.

·       We believe in an inclusive party respectful of different points of view—“no litmus test”.

If you agree that our listing mirrors your own convictions, I extend a personal initiation for you to join the MAGIC—“Expecting the Unexpected”.  You may consider joining our club using PayPal or copy the application from our website (WWW.CCRMC.ORG).  If you have any questions, please call or email.

Richard Dodson, President


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Type of Republicans
By Richard Dodson Posted in Hot News, Meetings on 2018-02-22
Politics was rather simple growing up in Texas when everyone was a Democrat.  In fact, Historians considered Texas as a one-party state.  Further, most Texans thought Sam Rayburn, our famous East Texas Congressman and Speaker of the House, “sat next to God”.
But, politics began to change when our distinguished Governor, John Connally, joined the Republican Party.  By the time Ronal Reagan became President a great majority of Texas voters became Republicans but that began creating problems. 
Under Ronald Reagan the different factions of Republicans were:
1.       Conservative Republicans
a.       Believe in free enterprise, strong national defense, oppose high taxes and labor unions
2.       The Religious Right
a.       Strong conservatives on social policies, opposes abortion, critics of multiculturalism and tight restrictions on immigration
3.       Progressive Wing
a.       Rockefeller Republicans, favor free trade, deregulation, welfare reform, gun control laws, relaxed immigration
4.       Social Conservatives
a.       Favored state rights, gun right while opposing abortion and same sex marriage
5.       Libertarians
a.       Favored a Constitutional Republic, favor gay rights and split on abortion and favor free speech
After discussion with friends and other Republicans, I identified with CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS, but that was not quite clear enough!  Because present day politics demands that I choose WHAT TYPE OF CONSERVATIVE:
1.       Traditional Conservative—Old-fashioned traditional values
2.       Social Conservative—State rights and gun rights
3.       Religious Conservative—Oppose abortion and same sex marriage
4.       Fiscal Conservative—Balanced budget and individual responsibility
5.       Blue Collar Conservative—Moderate on social issues concerning immigration and religion
Hasn’t the political environment become a little too complicated?  In my final analysis each faction shares common precepts, but I have come to the conclusion that I am an old-fashioned TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN.  I wouldn’t mind returning to our heritage of early years regarding religious and social customs, but regardless, as Reagan stipulated, all are welcomed in the CCRMC family.
Now, I want to extend an open invitation to join CCRMC.  You will become informed about the issues facing Collin County.  You will get the opportunity to meet elected officials and you may meet new friends.  CCRMC meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at the new Collin County Republican Headquarters at 15th St and Independence.   
Richard Dodson, President

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Campaign Volunteers Needed
By admin Posted in Hot News on 2018-01-26
Historically, CCRMC has responded to the request of candidates to volunteer for different campaign activities.  These requests include distributing yard signs, poll greeters, block walks, push cards and other activities.
As a volunteer you have an opportunity to really get to know the candidate and to evaluate their campaign.  This is indeed a personal enrichment.
The following candidates have requested assistance.  Please contact them at the listed information.
Jim Pikl, Candidate for 5th Court of Appeals Place 12. 
Darrell Hale, Candidate for County Commissioner Precinct 3. 
Phillip Huffines, Candidate for Texas Senate District 8. 
Van Taylor, Candidate for Congressman Congressional District 3. 
Angela Paxton, Candidate for Texas Senate District 8,
Contact:, 972-835-9506
John Payton, Candidate for Texas House District 89,
Contact: johnpayton
I encourage all members to respond to this challenge and do what members have traditionally done, RESPOND TO THE CALL.
Richard Dodson, President

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Candidates Request Volunteers
By admin Posted in Hot News on 2018-01-23
Jim Pikl, Candidate for 5th Court of Appeals Place 12.
Darrell Hale, Candidate for County Commissioner Precinct 3.
Phillip Huffines, Candidate for Texas Senate District 8.
Van Taylor, Candidate for Congressman Congressional District 3.
Providing you an opportunity to get involved

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A Challenge
By Richard Dodson Posted in Hot News, Meetings on 2017-12-29
CCRMC Breaking News
As you develop your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions, I want to challenge you to add 2 ideas.
First, attend the January 18 meeting to begin the New Year.  CCRMC represents TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN VALUES, serving our community for over 40 years. Come and engage candidates and elected officials seeking offices this coming March. 
Second, take the opportunity to investigate becoming a Precinct Chair.  As a precinct chair you have the ability to enhance the growth of Collin County Republicans.   Further, as a member of the executive committee you establish the party agenda for 2018.  Collin County Republican Party has over 60 vacancies.  We need everyone’s help in seeking candidates to fill these vacancies.
Make 2018 a year of magic.
Address your concerns to me at or call me at 214-733-8203.
Richard Dodson, President


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Phil King Declares for Texas House Speaker
By Dalayr Hight Posted in Hot News on 2017-09-24

Empower Texans

Phil King Declares for Texas House Speaker

While members of the Texas House Republican Caucus were meeting in Bastrop at the Lost Pines Resort for their annual member retreat, one instructed his staff to file the paperwork necessary to run against House Speaker Joe Straus.

On Friday afternoon, State Rep. Phil King’s (R–Weatherford) Chief of Staff filed a Declaration of Speaker Candidacy Form with the Texas Ethics Commission:

“Over the past several months, many of my colleagues have encouraged me to consider running for Speaker,” said King in a statement. “In order to have an open discussion concerning the future of our Texas House, I have filed the required paperwork to declare my candidacy for Speaker.”

“I have served in the House under the leadership of three different Speakers. What I have learned is that the role of the Presiding Officer is not to control the House, but rather to facilitate, assist, and empower all members to represent their districts, promote their ideas, and implement their policies,” he added.

“Between now and January 2019, I look forward to sitting down with my colleagues and sharing my vision for leading the Texas House as a true servant leader,” he concluded.

Though currently the choice for Speaker is limited to King and Straus, a number of other individuals have been rumored to be considering campaigns of their own.

Originally elected in a coup against Republican Speaker Tom Craddick of Midland, Straus has controlled the House with a coalition of Democrats and Republicans since 2009. During the recent regular and special sessions of the Texas Legislature, Straus gained notoriety across the state for killing a large share of Gov. Greg Abbott’s conservative agenda.

King’s decision follows a meeting during the GOP caucus retreat where Republican representatives were scheduled to discuss the adoption of a process whereby caucus members would unite behind a candidate for speaker. That policy is called for in the Texas GOP Platform and would be designed to put Republicans fully in charge of the lower chamber, instead of allowing a minority of their membership to control the chamber by sharing power with Democrats.

The caucus meeting was reportedly successful. Approximately two thirds of the caucus attended and there was unanimous agreement to move forward on a speaker selection process. A draft rule was circulated and a working group was appointed to study the details of the proposed process. The working group is scheduled to report back to the caucus in 30 days and the caucus is scheduled to vote on the proposal within 60 days.

These developments come on the heels of growing grassroots dissatisfaction with the status quo. Over the summer, fifty Texas county Republican organizations, representing over 52% of Texans, have approved resolutions calling for Straus to be replaced as speaker.


Empower Texans
Texas Scorecard & Texans for Fiscal Responsibility 
(888) 410-1836
PO Box 49730 | Austin, TX 78765
PO Box 700981 | Dallas, TX 75370
PO Box 36875 | Houston, TX 77236


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Early Bird Lincoln Day Dinner Reservations
By Dalayr Hight Posted in Hot News on 2017-07-06

CCRMC Website announcement message for the 2018 Lincoln Day Dinner


Joe Cordina


The 2018 Lincoln Day Dinner will be held on Saturday, January 13 – become an EARLY RESPONDER for the best seating selection and some “extra-special bonuses” for your thoughtful planning ahead.  For details on the event:

Registration on the CCRMC website is forthcoming…..but fast action is necessary!!  Please read-on……

The CCRMC will sponsor four (yes, 4) eight-person tables again this year, however only TWO of these tables are eligible for EARLY RESPONDER ELITE STATUS!!!  To make certain you and your special someone are included in this “first-time” ELITE STATUS you must buy your seats NOW!!  Cost is the same as in previous years, 5/person.  You will be offered an opportunity for VIP status at a later date and you can engage or decline.  

Planning ahead is smart.  You never miss the $$$ when you take early action. The benefits that accompany the new venue and the photo opportunities and slate of special guests makes this an easy decision.  More on this very soon…..the wait will be WORTH IT!

Send your check (made to the CCRMC - LDD Dinner) to our Treasurer, Tim McCord (address below).  

This will be the GREATEST LDD in Collin County history, and YOU will be part of it!  ACT NOW!!  

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Next Activities and BOD Meeting
By Dalayr Hight Posted in Hot News on 2017-06-26

The next BOD meeting will be on July 31st at 6PM, Scotty Ps in Allen (Gene, please reserve for us).  Please update your calendars and let’s get this added to the website, please.


Next activity is the Float Build scheduled for Sunday, July 2nd (early afternoon on Sunday after Church) and possibly for the late afternoon on July 3rd.  Darrell will formally re-announce the times  – location will be at the Bill Donahoo Ranch, 2404 Dublin Road, Parker.  The trailer will be over by the barn – there are 2 entrances and one will be open – just follow the road to the barn.


Darrell may need some help with the supplies, so please volunteer to help. I will be in Austin Friday and Saturday, but home that night.


Parade show time will be real early:  I should have the trailer at the ISD site by 7:15AM on July 4th.  Darrell will round up the flags a few days in advance & we should have a head count on volunteers to pass out flags.  Please invite your spouse/kids/grandkids to join in the fun of passing out flags!  It makes for a fun start for the  4th of July

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