July 4th Parade



For nearly 20 years the CCRMC has participated in the City of Plano’s 4th of July Parade with the primary function of distributing US Flags along the parade route for all the spectators to wave.  In fact, historically we have handed out as many as 20,000 flags along Independence Pkwy.

This year’s theme THE SPIRIT OF PLANO as identified by the Lion’s Club who sponsors this event.  The CCRMC float will symbolize that parade them, THE SPIRIT OF PLANO. 

OUR BIG CHALLENGE… we need walkers, we need walkers, we need walkers, children and adults of all ages.  As in the past, we can never have too many walkers to distribute flags. 

Second, need volunteers to decorate our float.  Plan to gather at GOP Headquarters July 3 to assist. 


4th of July Parade (Wednesday) 2018


1.      Chairman—Brett Walsh—972-655-6340---bretwalsh@hotmail.com

a.      Richard Dodson, Assistant—214-215-3838—dodson15@sbcglobal.net


2.      Lions Club—Theme, Plano, The All-American City

b.      Mike Rogers—817-312-3324—fhmike@mikerogersinc.ocm


3.      Registration/Application/Fee

a.      Tim McCord—972-442-4643—timmccord3@msn.com


4.      Float—Truck and trailer and driver

a.      Taylor Rogers—214-450-0321—trogers@veternoilpartners.com


5.      Volunteers/Walkers, Members

a.      John Payton—469-964-8881—jpforjp@yahoo.com


6.      Decorations/Bunting/Flags/Banners

a.      Bret Walsh—972-655-6340—bretwalsh@hotmail.com


7.      Parade Flags (10,000)

a.      Bret Walsh—972-655-6340—bretwalsh@hotmail.com

b.      Richard Dodson 214-215-3838


8.      Bottled Water/Donuts

a.      Neal Katz—214-803-1847—collincountygop@sbcglobal.net


9.      Theme—Plano, All American City

a.      Past Mayors??

b.      “Village People”—Various professional/Workers


10.   Clean-up


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