2018 Magic continues


APRIL UPDATE: Beginning January 2018 when we initiated the TRADITIONAL CONSERVATE MESSAGE for Collin County Republican Men’s Club  the response has been successful and gratifying.  CCRMC’s core values can be viewed at www.ccrmc.org.  These results can be measured with respect to the following: 

First, the ATTENDANCE for the January through April Thursday meetings has exceeded 50 members and guests per meeting.  Why has this happened?  By acknowledging the fundamental core values as TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS has captured a renewed interest in CCRMC.  How has this happened?  Members inviting friends and neighbors, past members rediscovering a renewed interest and others exploring our website www.ccrmc.org.

Second, our speaker programs have created tremendous interest for both educational as well as entertainment.  Directing our programs identifying TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN MESSAGE has captured a renewed participation in CCRMC.

Third, membership has increased substantially.  In fact, April 1 through April 19, we have 11 new members.  How is this happening?   Again, members are inviting friends, people are reviewing our website and Facebook. Why is this happening? Our TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN MESSAGE is a favorable “calling card”.

In final analysis, WE ARE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT.  With your participation, our message will continue.  Therefore, I want to extend a personal challenge for you to join our May 17 meeting.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Come and meet our members, attending elected officials and identify with the TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN MESSAGE.

Richard Dodson, President CCRMC




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