Mia Love to be the Keynote speeker at the 2018 LDD
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Good Evening All,


The excitement continues to build with our 50th Lincoln Day Dinner less than 3 months away.  Just like this year has flown by, so has the time for the dinner and it will be here before we know it.

The Republican clubs have provided opportunities for people to learn about the Party, candidates and elected officials.  Without the clubs, I don't think we would be anywhere close to what the Party is today.

In the past, the clubs have given great donations for the silent auction.  This year I am excited to be the silent auction chair and I am asking if your club would send an email asking your members for silent auction donations?

Also, many of your clubs have purchased tables.  Thank you and for those who have not, it is not too late.
(Click on any of the images above (or here) to order your tickets)

Thank you again and please do not hesitate to have people call me with any questions.


Thank you,

JB Owen
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Board Meeting
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Attention all hands

There will be a board meeting 6 PM Thursday 11 MayAt Scottie P's in Allen

Come with fresh ideas


May 11, 2017

Meeting Agenda

We will be meeting at the Allen Scotty Ps located at Central and McDermott,
west side of Central.
6:00 Call to order (dine beforehand, if possible)
1. Meeting Invocation: SamBanergee
2. Pledges: Selected from the B.O.D. attendees
3. Financials: Tim McCord
a. Budget Review
4. April Minutes Review/Approval – Sam Banergee
5. Membership Update: Ravi Jain
a. Show and discuss the Attendance Graph/Membership Stats
6. April Meeting Evaluation
a. Great Program, What can we do better?
b. Snacks – Gene Sera
7. May 18th Meeting Plan: Speaker Program – Jon Cox
a. May Guest Speakers
i. Appreciation Certificates
b. Program Overview for Second/Third Quarters
c. Wheel of Fortune Prizes
i. Any contacts with the local merchants?
ii. If we buy prizes what cost limit should be used?
8. Plano Lions Club Parade
a. Theme – Plans?
b. Other Ideas
9. Website Status – Dalayr Hight, Jim Bortzfield
a. Review Site and Purge Outdated Information
i. Have we “cleaned it up” to everyone’s satisfaction?
1. New Inputs
2. “Voices from our Membership” Column
b. “Trending Events”
i. Collin County Election Results
1. Review of results at May meeting
2. Posting On The Website – Do it Now!!
10.“From the Floor” – Open Topics for May Meeting Consideration
a. Adjourn: 7:00PM

May Election Information
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An excerpt from the Collin County Board of elections Web site Please visit their site for complete details

May 6, 2017 - Early Voting Locations

 May 6, 2017 Joint General Election
Early Voting Locations, Dates and Hours

Refer to the calendars and polling places below for Early Voting Locations, Dates, and Times.

 April 6, 2017 is the last day to register to vote or make a change of address to be eligible for the May 6, 2017 election. (Secs. 13.143, 15.025).

During Early Voting, eligible voters may vote at any of the Early Voting polling locations listed below.

Important Note: The early voting sites are available to Collin County registered voters with an effective date on or before May 6, 2017 and who reside in the following jurisdictions: Collin County, City of Allen, City of Anna, City of Celina, City of Frisco, City of Farmersville , City of Lavon, City of Lucas, City of McKinney, City of Melissa, City of Murphy, City of New Hope, City of Parker, City of Plano, City of Prosper, City of Saint Paul, City of Wylie, Anna ISD, Community ISD, Frisco ISD, Farmersville ISD, Lovejoy ISD, McKinney ISD, Melissa ISD, Plano ISD, Princeton ISD, and Collin County Mud 1.

To review the list of Election Day Vote Center locations, please refer to the Election Day Vote Center Locations page.

To review the sample ballots, please refer to the Sample Ballots page.


Early Voting Calendar

         May 6, 2017 Joint General Election - Early Voting Dates

April 24 - 26: 8 am - 5 pm

April 27: 8 am - 7 pm

April 28 - 29: 8 am - 5pm

May 1 - 2: 7 am - 7 pm

NOTE:  Temporary Polling Locations have alternate dates and times for each.

Please see May 6, 2017 Temporary Early Voting Locations listed below.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
April 23 April 24

Early Voting

8 am - 5 pm


April 25

Early Voting

8 am - 5 pm

April 26

Early Voting

8 am - 5 pm

April 27

Early Voting

8 am - 7 pm

April 28

Early Voting

8 am - 5 pm

April 29

Early Voting

8 am - 5 pm


April 30 May 1

Early Voting

7 am - 7 pm

May 2

Early Voting

7 am - 7 pm

May 3 May 4 May 5 May 6
Election Day
7 am - 7 pm
(see election
day polling