CCRMC August Meeting Status and Other Affairs

Since cancelling March meeting of 3/19/202 we earnestly had been planning to have August meeting. But considering the latest uptick in COVID-19 cases in Collin County, as well as across Texas we are again being forced to cancel this month. Even Collin GOP leadership’s in person meeting has moved to Zoom.


Holding CCRMC meeting on Zoom is not practical considering a wide array of participant consisting of Monthly Speaker, Elected Officials and Candidates etc., in addition to CCRMC membership at large. Though we do plan on conducting CCRMC 3rd quarter board meetings on Zoom this month. The minutes of the meeting would be distributed to members in due time.


Other Matters:


On July 30th I communicated the unfortunate passing away of Jim Bortzfield, CCRMC past president and current trustee. Since then three board members and two trustees, per CCRMC by-laws, have approved a donation of $300.00 to Jim’s charity of choice, ie., Children Hospital. So far CCRMC board members and trustees have already pledged $200.00 towards this donation. More are encouraged to do so also.


This year’s RPT convention was held, under very difficult circumstances, from July 16th to July 20th early morning. The convention was held on-line and unfortunately delegates were not able to complete the full agenda. Col. Allen West, a favorite of North Texas Republicans, has been voted in as RPT Chairman. We in Collin County look forward to work with Col. West to push the conservative agenda on national scene.


Abraham George and Maggie Whitt are the new proud SREC Committee persons from Collin County.



Ravi K. Jain

2020 CCRMC President

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