CCRMC April 16th Meeting CANCELED

Greetings from CCRMC. Hope everyone is maintaining social distance and staying safe during these unprecedented difficult times.

Consistent with Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s order to close non-essential businesses and limiting public gatherings to 10 people across Texas, it is imperative that we cancel CCRMC April 2020 meeting. Unfortunately, this is the 2nd meeting in row that we are having to cancel. But our keynote speaker, Sheriff Jim Skinner, has graciously agreed to deliver his address to the club during on next month’s meeting on May 16th.

On a Separate Note: Food pantries and homeless shelters across North Texas are experiencing huge difficulties in manning and financing the operations to look after unfortunate people in dire need. If you are one of the fortunate enough than please consider donating your IRS’s Stimulus checks to those in need in these difficult times. I know several one of us are making this pledge.

Best Regards,
Ravi K. Jain
2020 CCRMC President

PS: For those wishing to get timely updates on the local COVID19 status our County Judge Chris Hill provides an excellent daily update:

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