Type of Republicans

Politics was rather simple growing up in Texas when everyone was a Democrat.  In fact, Historians considered Texas as a one-party state.  Further, most Texans thought Sam Rayburn, our famous East Texas Congressman and Speaker of the House, “sat next to God”.
But, politics began to change when our distinguished Governor, John Connally, joined the Republican Party.  By the time Ronal Reagan became President a great majority of Texas voters became Republicans but that began creating problems. 
Under Ronald Reagan the different factions of Republicans were:
1.       Conservative Republicans
a.       Believe in free enterprise, strong national defense, oppose high taxes and labor unions
2.       The Religious Right
a.       Strong conservatives on social policies, opposes abortion, critics of multiculturalism and tight restrictions on immigration
3.       Progressive Wing
a.       Rockefeller Republicans, favor free trade, deregulation, welfare reform, gun control laws, relaxed immigration
4.       Social Conservatives
a.       Favored state rights, gun right while opposing abortion and same sex marriage
5.       Libertarians
a.       Favored a Constitutional Republic, favor gay rights and split on abortion and favor free speech
After discussion with friends and other Republicans, I identified with CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS, but that was not quite clear enough!  Because present day politics demands that I choose WHAT TYPE OF CONSERVATIVE:
1.       Traditional Conservative—Old-fashioned traditional values
2.       Social Conservative—State rights and gun rights
3.       Religious Conservative—Oppose abortion and same sex marriage
4.       Fiscal Conservative—Balanced budget and individual responsibility
5.       Blue Collar Conservative—Moderate on social issues concerning immigration and religion
Hasn’t the political environment become a little too complicated?  In my final analysis each faction shares common precepts, but I have come to the conclusion that I am an old-fashioned TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN.  I wouldn’t mind returning to our heritage of early years regarding religious and social customs, but regardless, as Reagan stipulated, all are welcomed in the CCRMC family.
Now, I want to extend an open invitation to join CCRMC.  You will become informed about the issues facing Collin County.  You will get the opportunity to meet elected officials and you may meet new friends.  CCRMC meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at the new Collin County Republican Headquarters at 15th St and Independence.   
Richard Dodson, President

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