SD Conventions Postponed!

SD Conventions Postponed!

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Chairman's Notes

A Message from Chairman Mark Reid

Senate District 8
Senate District 30
Conventions Postponed


The Collin County Senate District 8 and Senate District 30 conventions will not take place this Saturday March 21st. 

Chairman James Dickey held another conference call with RPT Officials, SREC Committee members, and County Chairs from around the state today at 3:00.  There is another call scheduled for this evening at 8:00 for further updates.  SD 8 Chairman John Myers, SD 30 Chairman Bob Collins, and myself were all on the call.   

In response to the increasingly restrictive precautions being recommended by the CDC, Chairman Dickey announced that the RPT State Convention is being postponed until mid-July.  The Houston convention center and hotels are working with the RPT to facilitate this change.  

This enables us to move our SD conventions to a time period from May 16th through June 27th.  Accordingly, your SD convention chairmen and I have decided to use available parliamentary procedures to move the SD8 and SD30 conventions.  This will move the SD conventions beyond the recently announced eight week restrictions on large meetings.  John, Bob, and your CCGOP convention leadership team will begin working on the details.  We will keep you updated as plans are finalized.  

An enormous amount of work goes in to planning these conventions, so there is much work to do.  However, the safety of our fellow Republicans is of the utmost importance.  

While there are unknowns and tragic deaths, the actual impact of the COVID-19 virus has been only a tiny fraction of the impact of the annual flu season.  Panic caused by the constant drumbeat of fear, published in the name of ratings has done far more harm to our economy than the virus.  President Trump is consulting with top business leaders and medical professionals to protect Americans with aggressive precautions that will dramatically reduce the spread and impact of the COVID-19 virus.  

We continue to urge you to take all reasonable precautions to protect yourself and your family and look for continued updates as we learn more and make new plans for the postponed conventions.  


Mark Reid
Collin GOP Chairman

John Myers
Senate District 8 Chairman

Bob Collins 
Senate District 30 Chairman



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