July Newsletter


I wish to share some observations and thoughts concerning members of CCRMC.  When I inquired as to WHY they have become a member of CCRMC and WHAT they said about our monthly meetings I received several interesting replies.

1.       I accept the CCRMC label TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS.  Our Collin County community politically has been divided with the ultra conservatives on one side and ALL OTHERS on the opposite.  I believe in the TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN platform as stated on our website (ccrmc.org) can unite our different groups.  I personally will assist in this endeavor. (JB)


2.       I recently moved from the Cornbelt.  My wife and I were greatly involved in our state Republican affairs.  We believe we need to keep involved and learn the issues and get acquainted with our political leaders in Collin County and Texas. One of our neighbors referred us to you.  We have enjoyed the CCRMC meetings and readily accept the TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN program. (BW)


3.       I found you on Facebook which led me to the website CCRMC.org.  I paid my membership dues… was easy on PayPal.  I want to learn about the concerns of the Republican Party, i.e., taxes, education, roads/highways, population growth…all these issues.  I hope CCRMC will provide that needed education.  Also, I hope to meet our elected officials to get to really know them. (JL)


4.       I was an active member when Headquarters was moved to McKinney/Frisco.  Since you moved back to Plano, I have attended the monthly meetings…. I have especially found your speaker/programs exceptional.  This last month’s speaker, the Military leader was very enlightening about the Middle East.  I want to be part of CCRMC to build our Republican Party.  Also, I have discovered the website CCRMC.org. (PH)

As indicated by the above responses, members are finding the CCRMC a valuable organization which to get involved and support our Republican Party. 

Again, let me offer a CHALLEGE. As a member attending our monthly meetings… bring a friend, invite your neighbor, and bring your wife.  Our meetings are public meetings.  ANYONE may attend.  We meet the third Thursday evening each month….Get involved in the TRADITIONAL CONSERVATVE REPUBLICAN future… JOIN THE MAGIC!

Richard Dodson, CCRMC President

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