Early Bird Lincoln Day Dinner Reservations

CCRMC Website announcement message for the 2018 Lincoln Day Dinner


Joe Cordina


The 2018 Lincoln Day Dinner will be held on Saturday, January 13 – become an EARLY RESPONDER for the best seating selection and some “extra-special bonuses” for your thoughtful planning ahead.  For details on the event:  www.collincountygop.org/collin-county-lincoln-day-dinner-2018/

Registration on the CCRMC website is forthcoming…..but fast action is necessary!!  Please read-on……

The CCRMC will sponsor four (yes, 4) eight-person tables again this year, however only TWO of these tables are eligible for EARLY RESPONDER ELITE STATUS!!!  To make certain you and your special someone are included in this “first-time” ELITE STATUS you must buy your seats NOW!!  Cost is the same as in previous years, $125/person.  You will be offered an opportunity for VIP status at a later date and you can engage or decline.  

Planning ahead is smart.  You never miss the $$$ when you take early action. The benefits that accompany the new venue and the photo opportunities and slate of special guests makes this an easy decision.  More on this very soon…..the wait will be WORTH IT!

Send your check (made to the CCRMC - LDD Dinner) to our Treasurer, Tim McCord (address below).  

This will be the GREATEST LDD in Collin County history, and YOU will be part of it!  ACT NOW!!  

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