An open Letter from our SREC Rep


Karl VoigtsbergerIt has been my honor to represent Senate District 8 as your SREC committeeman. I have worked tirelessly representing our conservative grassroots issues. I request your support for a third term. My record on the SREC rules and resolutions committees and voting for policies that support engaging and educating voters are examples of my accomplishments. Further, I have formed viable working relationships with many SREC members. As SD 8 senior SREC committeemen, I am well positioned to undertake a senior level leadership role, therefore, expanding our influence in the Republican Party of Texas. REMEMBER: Experience and Results matters as you cast your vote!

Note: Not an endorecement from the CCRMC (our club does not endorse nor promote one single candidate over another, but rather serves as a clearing house of information and as a resource pool for candidates).

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